YouTube, Pastries And My Hair ? #ASKITLIKEBUTTER

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  1. frankichiro says:

    Hello from Sweden! I have just finished binge watching ALL of your videos, in order, from the first one to this current one, plus all the ones where you’re on someone else’s channel. You’ve got a really good show going on here, thank you for bringing such an enjoyable thing to life. <3
    Anyway, I have a question! Do you know what a "space bucket" is? It seems like it would be a perfect thing for you to explore in a series. Geeky DIY tech + food! (If you don't know, check out It would be very interesting to see you build one of those and do experiments. 😀

  2. Uncle Ben says:

    So you’re essentially the Casey Neistat of French inspired cuisine?

  3. Máté Balogh says:

    He is basically the Casey Neistet of kitchen

  4. Jeroen Heijmans says:

    Alex his age is 34 i see

  5. Jan Verschueren says:

    Interesting… I was trained to be a telecom and analog wireless communications engineer and I love cooking as well. I don’t think it’s a common association, though, judging by my classmates culinary, ahem, abilities.

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